About me

My name is Nogol. IMG_5019It means New (fresh) Flower in Farsi and since I am born on 23rd of March, on the third day of spring, my parents chose this name for me. I am an Iranian living in Montreal and I still have an infinite love for my home city Tehran while Montreal is my second home.

I studied metallurgical engineering back in Iran. I continued my studies in Montreal with materials engineering where we designed and manufactured probes for industrial uses. I continued my journey in Mining world working with the different elements of the nature from gold, to iron, aluminum and potash.  Besides the logical and analytical domains I studied and worked in, I do yoga,  pottery, I read poems, books and throughout the years I have developed a passion for fashion and interior design. I basically try to keep my eyes open to see the differences, and to accept them.  I have enjoyed my journey so far as I have always loved the idea of building new things and challenging conventional methods however, I recently got to the point that my right brained personality is asking for help. It is asking for more emotions, more human connections, more dreams and more passions. The needs that my daily job is no more able to address, so I am ready to build something new, a new lifestyle, a new career, new stories and new experiences.  Montehral talks about my daily effort to be closer to my boldest self, to be more mindful, to learn about my strengths and to revisit my values. It talks about my journey to find a career which represents me the most and with which I can make a tiny move to change this world into a better place. It talks about my discoveries around the world and my vision about what I witness in different cities. It describes my activities and hobbies and what I do on a regular basis first to remind  myself of my effort to live a better life and second to share my story with others with the hope of connection.