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What happens if we open the door to our ideas?

I went to Aga Khan Museum in Toronto couple of days ago and I enjoyed an amazing exhibition called “Doors without keys” by Abbas Kiarostami. He is one of the best Iranian directors who won the Palm d’or in Cannes for his movie “Taste of Cherry” in 1997. He has studied painting and graphic design in Tehran University and in his 30s he  helped to set up a filmmaking department at the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanun) in Tehran. In my opinion, he is first a poet and second a filmmaker or a photographer. He has such a poetic twist in his work that is beyond imagination. In these photo series he captures so many old and traditional doors in Iran, Italy, and Morocco all locked. The doors are printed life-size on canvas supports and positioned on a configuration of free-standing. This configuration along with the daily noise like motorcycle passing by or someone knocking on the door echoing in the salon makes the experience very unique.FullSizeRenderBut the  beauty doesn’t end here; there are  more layers into this installation. The whole idea is based on this metaphor that all these doors  are like the thoughts we have in our minds. Amazing! No? They are all locked and they constantly ask you this question that if you never open them, if you never unlock them by  allowing the thoughts and ideas to fly and to flourish how do you know what is on the other side of the door?

Among the beautiful pictures are phrases written both in English and Farsi which makes you think even more profoundly about the whole concept. I thought I had to share some here.


The last picture showed a door which was open to a beautiful village surrounded by a calm sea in Italy to remind you that you might be losing so many opportunities and moments and beauties by keeping the doors of your thoughts  closed.

The exhibition finished by this phrase



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