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How did our parents live differently?

I am in Toronto with my parents and it feels great, we went through some photo albums and old pictures which made me realize that future is not that far away, it is just right in front of us. The moment we sit down and flashback our lives is just around the corner. I am learning a lot from my parents, from their habits from their past. What I am learning the most is that they were both very passionate about life. They loved their moments. Taking pictures of each other using a tripod (no selfie!) and developing their own photos.

I am realizing more than ever from the pictures that my dad  loves my mom. There are so many different photos in which my mom is wearing her daily cloths doing daily tasks but I guess for  my father  the moments were valuable enough to be captured. He also loved his job (he is retired now); He owned a company which was specialized in  high voltage transmission lines, giving power to rural and remote villages. The days that he set up the construction camps as mom says were his happiest days even more than his wedding day. I chose to be an engineer because he was my role model, as someone who served his country by his skills but the engineering now and then are totally different subjects like anything else. Working on excel sheets are different from giving hope to a nation.

My mom is also full of love, she is full of passion, such a creative and innovative person in all aspects. She sewed us the best clothes, cooked for us the best food, decorated our rooms with the most beautiful DIY projects and planned for us the best birthdays. As an Iranian born after revolution I grew up during the Iran-Iraq war. 8 years of terror, of instability, of danger alarm ton siren, of running to the basements to be safe. But surprisingly enough these years were the most memorable years for me and so many other kids whom I talk to in a good way of course. We were raised wit love, with attention, with hope for the future and with affection. Parties and late night gatherings with  home made alcohol,  and coupon food  for which they have waited for hours and hours in lines.

What did they have that we don’t have now? How can we have everything on this side of the world or even in Iran and still not be happy? Is it the courage, the confidence, the power to change things, the ability to risk, what is it?

I guess the most important thing is that they were free souls. They had their daily struggles for basic needs but they didn’t have a routine. They couldn’t have one. Their whole lives were changing day by day by the war, the economic crisis and the bombs. They had to think all the time, critical thinking obviously,  and to get out of their comfort zones every single minute to survive and for that they cherished their moments as they couldn’t predict a day ahead of them. I guess that is why they were the best parents, and they created the best memories. Because they didn’t belong to any frame as they were no frame to fit in.

Do we have the same hope for our futures with the cooperate life style? With the routines that more and more define us? With people around us less and less enthusiastic to learn and lead their lives? I don’t believe so!


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