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An update after 10 years!

On April 25, 2007 I got on a plane alone at the age of 23 to cross the atlantic to come to Canada. I have never been to north america before and I have never been on a plane alone with no family or friends. I cried the whole flight from Tehran to London as I was leaving a part of my heart in Iran, in our home, and with my loved ones. That was not supposed to be an immigration. I wanted to simply continue my education abroad. But something inside me knew that coming back home would not be an option at least for a while. I came to Canada as an international student and I became an immigrant in the process.  Immigration is a long and challenging journey even when you are prepared for it, let alone jump in the middle of it unprepared!

Tomorrow marks 10 years since that weird day. After finishing my masters and working in mining industry for close to 6 years I decided to change my professional path. I might have done it sooner if I was in Iran, but I guess I needed this time in Montreal to feel comfortable and confident.

I am launching a new project called Glee Factor on a subject that is so dear to me. The first conference is tomorrow afternoon from 6:30 pm-9:00 pm. At 9:00 am I have to present my business to a committee to get a grant. Hmmm, too many big events in one day. The first date was my choice but the presentation date was out of my control. As I am running around trying to prepare two different speeches for two different audience I am reminding myself that it can’t be as hard as the same day 10 years ago. I haven’t slept well and I haven’t had time to spend with my family and loved ones. But I tell myself that it is  worth it.  I have experienced a new dimension of myself 10 years ago and I am discovering a new dimension of myself these days and this is worth all the sleepless nights and all the tears!


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  1. Nogz, I hope your presentations went really well- I’m sure you’ve killed it! I want to tell you that I’ve had a look at your project and I’m really impressed! I’ve just downloaded self-awareness and purpose tools. Thanks for sharing your experience and I wish you many successes with your project. I’ll keep an eye on it too.

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