A little break!

Ok, I guess it is clear that so many different thoughts go through my mind in a second. It is like a very busy highway during a rush hour!

For helping my mind to be  in a better shape I decided to dedicate couple of hours per week to myself and my mind and I started to take pottery classes. Maybe one of the best decisions I have made in so long. Working with the clays, with the soil, with the mud, basically with the nature and trying to form and shape this piece of nature with my hands into something unique. I still have a long way to go, learning the throwing techniques, firing, glazing and so on but I love it. It is like a meditation. It is me,  and my mind which is commanding my hands to explore all the shapes in the world. Amazing feeling indeed. It stimulates the creativity  I have down there hidden behind million other emotions and it is just right.

I have just finished the second course and I confess that I am proud of  the result. Yes, I am.



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