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It is 12:52 am Friday night or Saturday morning! It is always hard to be specific about the time and date between 12 and 6 am but I hope it is clear enough. It is December 31, 2016. Between the busy days spent with loved ones and friends I have finally found some extra time.  A time required to reflect on the year behind me and the one in front me. Last year has been different in so many ways. And 2017 is supposed to beat  2016 in challenge, playfulness, growth, and connection. If I consider myself a diver,  last year helped me to get on the board. To take the correct breath. To stand still. To concentrate and simply to complete my actions before diving. This year I am ready  to dive. I am excited, I am scared and I am impatient for all that is waiting for me in the coming year.

As I was reviewing last year’s goals and reflecting on this year’s, a nice smile formed on my face. I guess we can always find shortcomings for any given project and focus on what is missing. But reviewing 2016 yearly work plan reminded me that I have accomplished my goals. Life projects deadlines do not necessary fall on the dates we celebrate. And  for the same reason I got the impression that I haven’t done much in 2016. As a goal oriented person completing a process without a result sounds unacceptable.

But 2016 was not a harvest year. 2016 was the reflection year. A year with so many  little steps which all invited me to grow and connect. After so many years I opened my eyes to the world around me.  I got out of my comfort zone. I said goodbye to so many things I possessed. Those which somehow identified me as a person. I connected to so many like- minded and unlike-minded people who all taught me a lesson. Above all, 2016 connected me to myself more than any other year. And I am grateful for this meaningful connection!

I am starting my journey to make money out of my passion. And along the way I am reminding myself of what I care about as a human being and as a citizen of this cruel world. I have intentionally decided to  befriend with awareness and empathy and to have them both beside me for every little action I take on a daily basis. And because of my decision I can admit that this year has been the most memorable one in my mind. As for the first time I have experienced presence during my daily activities.

I have embraced the old habits that I have missed in the recent years. I started my days  with an amazing meditation. And I finished my night with reading some pages of my favorite book. I started to write diaries and journals and I spent more time with myself. I have realized that for a productive and efficient outward voyage I need a little inward journey.

So I guess 2017 is about showing up, trying new things, failing, learning and experiencing.

Let’s start!

3 thoughts on “2016?2017?

  1. Happy New Year and good luck on your new journey 🙂 It’s been more than a month that I started to connect to myself with more deciplin. I want to find my real interest in life and since I’m having too many interests it’s quite difficult to understand which one is the major one. I would like to know what was the path that you took to find your major interest.

  2. Getting rid of old stuff makes more place for new stuff… So yeah, getting out of your comfort zone was the way to go to create new challenges, new goals, new habits, etc… I can’t wait to see all the awesome stuff you’ll be doing this year!

    Happy new year and continue to have fun this year! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Fern,

      Same to you, I have followed you up and I know you are also creating fun stuff 🙂 Best Wishes to both of us 😉

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