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What is missing in the puzzle?

I started my journey of career change or better say lifestyle change back in September 2015. The first book I have been suggested to read was E-myth Revisited and I even wrote  a post about it at the time.

I wanted to give myself a chance to own a business and I thought this book would help me take off. But I was wrong, I was deadly wrong. I got stuck at the fist section and that was the “Primary Aim”.I learned from the insights shared in the book. But I didn’t earn the vision nor the power to move on as an entrepreneur.

One year has passed and things have changed drastically. I no longer work at my day job. And I am somehow have a better vision of what I would like to work on as a project. But the uncertainty is still there intertwined with the excitement.  Going through this emotional turmoil I have decided to read this book for the second time. I hoped for a different experience based on my “New” knowledge about myself and my future project.

That was a good move. Comparing to the last experience, this time the last couple of pages of the book resonated a lot with me. It somehow summarized the main reason behind our dreams of owning a business. Something that at this stage I challenge myself over and over to find a good answer for.  As it says in the book “It is a result of a yearning for structure, for form, for control. And above all a yearning for a relationship with ourselves and the world in a way impossible to to experience in a job.”

“A small business is a place that responds instantly to any action we take. A place where we can practice implementing ideas in a way that change lives. A place where we can begin to test all of the assumptions we have about ourselves. A place that is practical, not idealistic. But a place where idealism must be present for the practical to serve. It is a place where the world is reduced to manageable size. Small enough to be responsive but big enough to test everything we have. A true practice hall.”

I don’t know for how long I will be working and discovering as an entrepreneur. But I know that the primary reason is not to be free of my boss, or make money or become powerful. The reason is to understand myself and how I coexist in the society better. The other parameters come next. But there is an extra effort when you enter  the entrepreneurial world with this intention and that is the necessity to change.

“Unfortunately, in a world of accelerated change there is little time for rules to take hold. The result of all this is chaos and disorder. A world in trouble, where confusion reigns. But the trouble didnt start “out there” in the world. The chaos is “in here” in you and me. The world’s apparent chaos is only a reflection of our inner turmoil. So if the world is going to be changed, we must first change our lives!

“Our small businesses can become the bridge between us and the world. The bridge that can draw together the world “out there” and the world “in here” in such a way as to make both more human. The dream to create our own world.  But unfortunately the dream is rarely realized; most small businesses fail. And the reason is obvious. We bring our our chaos with us. We don’t change. We try to change “out there”. We try to change the world by starting a small business but we stay the same. “

How many businesses do we know that promote an idea which they Don’t believe in?  How many leaders do we know that tell us something that they do not follow? What is in a business if we are not growing with it? What is in it if we are not connecting to ourselves and others though its lens?

So far the entrepreneurial life has been all about self awareness and  connection. But I know sooner or later I have to learn other aspects. The ones I need beside my primary aim to actually run the business!


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3 thoughts on “What is missing in the puzzle?

  1. Cool article. You are right that few businesses actually bring value to the world. A lot of them are either providing similar services with a twist or are driven by greed. There’s a lot to say about this, but like you said, we gotta start changing ourselves by becoming what we want to see in the world.

    You seem to be on the fence about entrepreneurship, hopefully you find your own.

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