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What a book can teach you?

When I was a teenager I used to read  a lot. I was interested in Iran’s contemporary history therefore I mostly read on this subject both in Farsi and English. Besides, I read poems, novels and fiction books. When I came to Canada my life rhythm changed completely. Not only I had to study, but I had to do the grocery shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, and so on. So this good habit from the younger ages somehow faded in my life. I got to the point that when people recommended me a book the first question would always be “how many pages is it?” with a little embarrassing smile. I then discovered comic books, and fun magazines. They were easier to read and still informative.

Lately, I have been recommended to read a book this time on how to manage a small business as it is the subject on my mind for the past couple of months. One of THE most engaging books I have read in long time. When I started to read the book I thought I have to consider the content as a university course, like taking notes and highlighting, which is to some extent true, but it is intertwined with so many human senses, so much emotion,  and so many inner questions that make the reading very enjoyable. When I started to read the book I never ever thought that I will have tears in my eyes reading the last pages. I did get goose bumps in some section but tears over a business book ?!? It happened. Yes it talks about McDonalds, about IBM about so many other companies which in some I believe and others don’t, but the author has one key point that he keeps flagging through the book; that your business is you, is who you are, is your dream of the life you want to live, is the continuation of your values, and is the reflection of your spirit.

You have no idea how  much relief I have now to know that I don’t need to change my life style and myself to own a business. Yes, I know I have to learn  a lot, technically to run a business but I will be sleeping tonight with this hope that I can define a business that is human based and has a soul. Happy Dance 🙂untitled

The book finishes  with a letter to the imaginary entrepreneur, Sarah that I thought I have to share with you just the first quote of this letter from Rollo May:

” Freedom does not come automatically; it is achieved. And it is not gained in a single bound; it must be achieved each day.”


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