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Are we moving in the right direction?

I am trying to get back to my routine of writing a blog post at least every other week. There are so many secrets and thoughts hidden in mind which are usually revealed by writing. But finding a subject to write about sometimes is  a challenge by itself.

Yet, when I look back at last week, it was an exciting week for all. Trump won the election and Leonard Cohen passed away. And to be honest with you I have learned from both events. Both events from last week invited me for a deep pause and a thorough thought process. The election was a sign of disconnection, lack of communication and inauthenticity. And the death of Leonard Cohen was a proof of a life devoted to love, connection, and originality.

One habit that I have developed recently is to challenge myself with various questions. I became much more curious about people’s opinions. And I have finally (hopefully) developed some art of listening! I didn’t need any of these habits before as I was living comfortably  in my own bubble. But the day that I though of change, profound pauses, questions and reflections were not options any more but necessities. The first step towards change for me was to have an open mind to observe all the alternatives.  And the major step for an open mind was to see ALL the options and hear ALL the voices. I could not expect a different future  with the same mindset and thought process.

What surprised me besides the fact that Trump will be leading this country for four years were the reactions to this election. The results showed that there is a disconnection between different groups of people. How did we answer to this disconnection after the election?  We continued the discrimination by blaming one group and labeling others. We protested against racism using the same vocabulary as racists!

 As I was trying to digest the situation,  Leonard Cohen has passed away. And all the Montreal radio shows paid a tribute to the musician.  So the legendary interviews of Leonard Cohen were echoed in my ears all day long, his voice, and his wisdom.  The way he challenged the system systematically all these decades was a proof of a mind constantly asking for a challenge.

Out of all the comments I heard about him, one has been repeated by different people. Leonard Cohen was a serious person when it came to work. And I thought that this is what we are missing. We are missing seriousness. Maybe not at work but on our daily lives and activities.  Our greatest political activity is to post an article in social media and the root for our protests is the snap shot we have from the event. Our anti-system is a system by itself which is led by trends. And our happiest moments are shared with people we don’t even know! And we are drowned in busy-ness that we don’t even have the time to think for a moment about ourselves and our lives.  How many of us are passionate enough or powerful enough to be able to create even on our death beds? We are losing all our legends without offering a system in which the new ones would flourish!

I don’t have the answers to all these questions but I am thinking of them. And I have to admit that I was wrong, I had enough food for though this week!



One thought on “Are we moving in the right direction?

  1. Confucius once said: “Choose a career you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

    I think it’s the same thing about being serious… When you love what you do, you want to pour your heart in it and that’s why you succeed. My mentor Scott Dinsmore has a movement related to that… Right now 80% of working people are not happy at work, imagine what it could be, what people could do if 80% of them were happy! That would be awesome!

    That’s why we are here, to let people know that it’s possible and to challenge them to do what they love, cause when you do what you love, you’re not working anymore!

    Thank you Nogz!

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