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What have I learned from a forty day trip to Iran?

I have been in Iran, my home country, for five weeks to help my parents move from our house of 30 years. Since September 25th when I left Montreal for Tehran, I have prepared close to 6 drafts to publish but none ever got the chance. Am I upset? No, not at all. I didn’t like my reaction towards this event which might have been so far one of the most challenging events of my life. I have been quite bitter and I have lost my sense of curiosity to learn during this tough time. I have realized that my rituals are not strong enough to support me when I am in a drastic change like this. I love Iran and I love its rich culture that unfortunately is fading away in daily lives. But visiting any city with the touristic eyes lead to different experiences.  I had  a  free, and spontaneous visit to Iran with my husband only 5 months prior. But this emotional trip didn’t allow me experience the same spaciousness and reflection.

Yet I have learned a major lesson. I have come to this conclusion that I love my project. I tried to  find a spare time during the day to read, write, think and reflect on my project. I found the peace to look forward to the uncertain but exciting future as I was saying goodbye to my past. As we were going  through memories with the family while packing I have realized that I am not alone in this at all. Everyone at some points in life has experienced the courage and fear to step into the world of unknowns. Everyone in the family wanted his/her voice to be heard. Everyone wanted to stay true to herself/himself and others. Along the way they tasted failure, success, joy, anxiety, and vulnerability. They made different decisions that led to different outcomes.  Parents discussed about various incidents where a minor decision would change their lives. But I can’t picture their story to be any different from what it is. Our moments, our reactions and our decisions on a daily basis form our  unique life stories.

If I can conclude my trip in a summarized  phrase it would be : ” Practicing the art of letting go”.  Yes, I am 100% responsible for my life,  but  I have realized that there are so many moments in life  for which I don’t have any control over and therefore I have to let go!

So now as I am back in lovely Montreal and as I have a peaceful mind plus a serious jet lag! I am ready to move forward with my project. With all the experiences and challenges during a forty day trip I am taking the next step and that is to find an authentic name for my business!



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