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Why do you want to be different?

Writing a blog already taught me a lot. About being true to myself and my imaginary readers, trying not to fake someone else’s ideas, and embracing the vulnerability to give myself the courage of asking and answering the correct questions.

One of the questions I want to bring up today is “Why and how we are being different nowadays?”

Even simpler, why do we all try to be different? In an era where you can find the required info in no time,  you can have access to millions of books online, to latest fashion news, to music, or movie ,everything you can ever think of, how can you be different from others and why do you have to be different in the first place?

I am sure that I sometimes tend to be affected by this disease. The disease of being different. I am 31 years old so I definitely don’t belong to the Apple generation, kids who are not familiar with cassettes nor CDs but they listen to vinyl without even knowing the history behind it. The generation in crisis to find an identity  and meaning by comparing their lives to the past generations and sometimes imitating their ideas and idols. I am a bit older than them but I guess we are all suffering from this epidemic no matter how old we are. Is it because of the fact that we are all using Wikipedia as an encyclopedia, instagram as  fashion and decoration blogs, and Facebook as a window to witness people’s lives? Is it Because we all watch other people’s lives best snap shots and we make our judgment and comparison based on these beautiful moments that rarely exist in a daily routine?
Isn’t it the same wave that all the students choose to study MBA, to become managers and to work in consulting companies? That some professions become more stylish than others, such as art curator and etc.?And poor me :))) want to change my career and path in the middle of this chaos!!

I know that I am suffering  not knowing my passion, and I am still struggling to differentiate between fashionable jobs, hobbies and interests and passion. But for doing this, one needs concentration and focus which for me in this chaotic world sometimes seem impossible.

I always wonder how much do I gain in a day checking social media and news? How much do I learn about myself, my surrounding, my job, my future? Close to nothing?

Hmmmm, not really, I am taking pottery classes  for instance and I follow some amazing potters and I get inspired a lot by the work. There are also so many other inspiring stories out there to check but we have to be very careful not to waste our time. I do, I do waste my time a lot. and I do get affected by what is going on in the world, and in people’s lives and I do change my mind every now and then. But I guess it is because I don’t know my passion yet. If I discover it I don’t care that 10000 other people are doing the same thing that I am willing to do because I would believe by then (hopefully) that we all have our little spices in what we do. I hope !


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