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What are some of the words which need more attention?

Do you remember the first day of your school? I remember it as it happened yesterday. I was almost 7 years old and unlike the other kids I went alone with a private bus service that my old siblings and their friends used. When I arrived at the school I saw the kids and their parents crying as they couldn’t leave each other on this very special moment! I was confused and I felt a bit alone but something in me told me that everything will be fine, so I trusted myself and stepped into the school’s courtyard and I randomly started to talk to some other kids. Th inner voice helped me on that day and so many other days of my life.

There are couple of words that we pass by easily in our daily lives. One is “mindfulness” and the other one is “self-awareness”. We always hear that 80% of the working  people hate their jobs but we don’t have a statistic about those who do something about it. Isn’t all these hatred about our jobs, cities, friends or partners a sign of a disconnection of oneself with its body and mind? How can we choose to live in a wrong city or do the wrong job or live with a wrong person if we are clear with our values, our purpose in life and our abilities? How can this misery be possible if we believe in ourselves and listen to what comes from the heart? Here you go, the most important word  “Intuition”.

As part of the reconnection journey I have embraced mediation and yoga more than before and  read books about different subjects such as focus and presence. You believe it or not surprisingly both the east tradition and the west science say the same thing. The ultimate happiness cannot be achieved with anything except the inner power and the inner power can be obtained from making decisions based on our intuitions and focusing on the areas that we care the most as an individual. And the most important requirement to gain this satisfaction is through knowing ourselves very well. But don’t get me wrong we can’t be disconnected completely from ourselves and basically live someone else’s life all the time! We are self-aware in some areas of our lives; some are mindful about their careers, and some other are so powerful and confident in their relationships and therefore they trust their instincts and they make decisions easier and more affective during the difficult times. So we are confident with some of the decisions we make and therefore we have this  hidden energy to help us focus on those areas we lack self knowledge. I think like any other performer we don’t have a choice except practicing, let be expanding our bodies or  emptying our mind there is alway a way  to feel powerful and confident and to hear our lovely inner child to tell us how to make the next move.


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2 thoughts on “What are some of the words which need more attention?

    1. Thank you Fern for your constant support, these days it is the word we are all trying to embrace 🙂 Thank you for sharing your video with me again I listened and enjoyed a lot.

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