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What do you do?

In my busy life having a Saturday for myself with no activities except reading rarely happens, but today I was lucky and I have got the chance to spend sometime with myself. I am going through this phase of redefining my values, my goals, my career, my past and my future. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who is experiencing this transition but it doesn’t mean that it is not unique and challenging because so many others have already been through it or will be. It is unique as we are all unique in dealing with our issues, concerns and dreams.

I am reading a lot these days and I am trying to write as much as I can to rediscover the old me, the 5 year old me or maybe 15 year old me. The me who wanted to change the world with her big heart, and her innocent soul. My readings vary from learning how to run a successful business to finding my passion and  answering  to the whys for what I want to do and what I don’t want to do.

To to be honest with you it is a hard phase, being established in a job with certain life standards and deciding to ruin everything in pursue of happiness. I guess from the social point of view I am quite a successful person. I have worked for giant cooperates, I have bought my apartment, I drove my fancy car …. But I am not motivated enough when I wake up in the morning and I don’t feel fulfilled when I get back home after 10 hours of working. Is this the disease of our generation that we are not happy and satisfied with what we have? I don’t know.

What ever the reason is I am willing to make the change; however, I want to be as conservative as possible and that is why I am nourishing myself and my mind with all the possibilities in the world not to miss an idea or an interest. I have already become a more open person with regards to so many different subjects because I am pushing my limits and I am thinking out of the box  and I am considering alternatives. Yes, there is always an alternative, there is always a different way, a different  insight and I believe that I have to find the alternative that defines me  the most, that brings out the best of me and that represents me.

I was reading an article which the amazing team of Live Your Legend shared with me and I thought it is important to write about it here to remind myself later in life.

what do you do?

When people ask you “what do you do” what do you say? I usually say: ” I am an engineer, a material engineer by education and a mechanical one by career working in mining industry”. I usually get the wired and surprised look as I don’t look like an engineer, nor do I act like one, nor do I dress like one. Not that engineers  are aliens but I am definaletly treated like one at work as I don’t belong to that environment. The second question after the woooow is usually : “Are you happy with your job?”  And that is the part I dislike the most. I often say: ” Hmmmmm….Yes I like it, I am learning a lot,  I am trying to learn more managerial aspects of it though,  more project controls and etc. and I am somehow ready to change my job to explore myself.”

But you know what? These descriptions are not accompanied by excitement and love, nor  with motivation or hope. The conversations about my job are not engaging,  and are definitely not interesting. You know why?because they are not coming from my heart. Have you ever been engaged in a conversation with a random person describing her/his project with so much passion that you want to change your career right away and follow them? Have you ever experienced that? Do you know why that happens? Because they love what they are doing. They believe in every second of the time they  are spending on their projects. Their projects, their jobs are who they are.

Can you imagine a life where your dreams, your values and your daily routines are aligned? Isn’t that an amazing idea?

So that is my challenge. To find the excitement and thrill to talk about my job, to explain people why I am doing what I am doing, to tell them how, and to share with them all the secrets, the secrets of being internally and externally happy not only socially successful.


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  1. I’m in the exact same boat! Funny things although, is that I can still speak about my job with passion even if I’m tired about it! Since it has been with me for the past 16 years, it’s like an old habit… When I’m talking about it, I even get excited sometimes, for a brief moment…

    But now, more than ever, I know that’s wrong, cause what is giving me bigger chills is the idea of leaving it all behind… That’s was is really awesome for me now…

    Anyway, thank you for this awesome post, we’re in the same boat and it’s always good to know that we’re not alone! 😉

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