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How far trust can go?

I want to think that I can succeed all alone sitting at home and planning my future business but it is not the case. We need other people in our lives to move forward and achieve our goals . It is either through the informational interviews, business coaches, lean startups, accountability partners, or simply later once the business is established as the role of suppliers or clients; we all need people to succeed. Don’t get me wrong I am not a loner, exactly the opposite, I cannot breathe alone, I need people around me in almost every activity I do. But recently the relationship is different. I need to TRUST people to help me through the process of exploring and executing.

I was six years old when my 12 year-old brother used to watch the world cup 1990. I was never a football ( soccer!) fan but having an old brother didn’t leave me with an option to ignore the games and therefore I ended up staying up late and watching the games and learning the players names. But it was not until recently, for  Euro 2016 that I watched the games with a new curiosity and a different point of view. I basically searched  for a trace of trust in the teams as it is a topic I am somehow suspicious about these days. How do I trust my business partner? How do I trust my team for delivering and fulfilling my dreams? What if one of the team members can’t kick the penalty and we lose the game? Do I have to be mad? Do we have to be angry? How can we lead to guarantee a win?

Another incident which is touching on this subject is the death of the Iranian director, Abbas Kiarostami. Iran has some of the most skillful and knowledgable doctors however, because of so many different reasons such as the isolation of the country and the sanctions in the last 10 years it doesn’t necessarily embody the best medical system. For a director like him who breathed the culture of Iran for decades, he decided to be treated in his homeland, however the system failed and therefore he passed away after 3 months of hospitalization. He also TRUSTED the system, he trusted its but was he right? What about a doctor who might be quite professional at what he does but is accompanied with a team of uncaring nurses in a maybe non standard hospital conditions? How do we decide, based on an individual or a team and if a team then organizing an efficient team even weighs more? No?

I know that we are all human and that we all make mistakes and that embracing vulnerability helps us more towards wholeheartedness, but can we survive the mistakes done by our team or by people we trust? and is this trust valuable even if it leads to our death or the death of our dreams?

So they are right, starting a business or having an idea of an entrepreneurship increases the self awareness and mindfulness more than anything else. Learning the techniques of executing a plan looks like a normal path to do any project, but knowing yourself and your limits and choosing your partner and the team to fulfill your dream and taking the risk of making the wrong connections or defining the wrong expectations might be a bit more crucial. At least for me!


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6 thoughts on “How far trust can go?

  1. love this post. I have lots of trust issues and question most people I encounter. Thank you for writing on this topic.

  2. Excellent post Nogz, as usual! 😉

    Things I should add:
    Trust in yourself 1st, the rest will only be the “experience”!
    Like Henry Ford said: “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

    So try anything, try to work with someone and see if he’s the right person to be part of your team and then adjust… You’ll never know, but at least you’ll try! Cause never trying would be consider, in my opinion, as doing another mistake!

    Yes some failure will be harder, but, it might not be that hard too! You’ll never know! So trust as far as you can, give everything and then see if you fail or succeed!! (And hopefully, you won’t be like Abbas Kiarostami and test the medical part of your life who in his case conclude with death!) 🙁

    P.S. I LOVE your new design!!!

    1. I totally agree with you, I guess the fear comes from the vulnerability deep down to try different ideas and people and trusting the system.

      I am happy you like the design 🙂

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