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Are you aware of the magic of a community?

From the first day I started my journey in career change and self development, I heard the words “surrounding” and “community”. I completed my third course of pottery this week and for the first time I felt the sense of community when I participated on Saturday free workshops and I met new people in the studio. During this time I  got to see what is possible in terms of technique and creativity,  I opened my eyes to the new horizons of this fun activity, and consequently,  I got extremely motivated to continue and improve my techniques as I understood for the first time that I am taking the right steps and the dreams I have for this art are not as far as I thought.

Here are the pictures of some of my new babies.



This same weekend my sister was in town from Toronto to participate in a 3 day rock’n roll workshop at an amazing venue. We accompanied her on Saturday night to listen to the an spectacular live band. After thinking of the concept of community the same afternoon I got familiar with the whole concept of community and its energy and its vibe on a different level.

Around 400 people danced to an amazing band in which the lead pianist and singer was beyond passionate and professional and simply phenomenal. You could see that he loved what he was doing so much in his eyes, in his constant moves and in his constant smiles. He was an amazing leader in terms of keeping the energy up and motivating the crowd to try their craziest dance moves. But he was not the only leader there, the dance school owners and every single dance teacher were full of love, passion, excitement and energy and the students were thrilled to be part of something bigger than themselves, something they all believed in, dancing as an essence of connection, compassion and joy. The smiles on the faces when they were out of breath were something to remember.

They all loved what they were doing either as their professional careers or their hobbies and they have created this amazing community in which they all had two roles, leaders and followers.

When I was sitting in the balcony witnessing the crowd jumping up and down with the band in this beautiful venue I thought of Itay Talgam’ TED talk  where he describes the experience of live music in which we listen to so many different stories. That night I was listening to the stories of the dancers, the dance teachers, dance school owners, the band and even the story of the ones who built this amazing venue on 1924.

I finished my night believing in the fact that a group of passionate people gathered together for creation, and connection  can do miracles.

This low quality picture says it all…



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