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How did I adjust my goals on Nowruz?

As an Iranian living in Canada I have the privilege to set and adjust my goals twice a year. Once during the new year vacations and once during the first day of spring when we celebrate out traditional “Nowruz” (New Day).

Close to three months ago I wrote my goals and the most important one was to find my passion and to find a career to present me. Now after three months I have the same goal besides a more important one. Finding presence, focus and inner peace.

I have been told a lot by different people for being a progressive person, someone who is in charge of my life, and at the same time I have been judged for being someone always in search of a better life with the expense of losing the moments in pursue of the future.

As much as I agree with the first group I have to unfortunately accept the opinion of the second group.

We are all searching for better lives, a more meaningful and fulfilled one but I guess we have to be careful that we don’t miss the present for the future. I believe that with my futuristic character I have to constantly remind myself of this process.

That is why on this day, our last day of the Iranian calendar, I want to adjust my goals for 2016/1395.

I want to promise myself that I don’t put myself, my body and my mind under pressure and stress for any project in my life, I want to promise myself to be committed to find my inner peace and my balance besides the new career and other adventures. To be nice to myself, to respect myself and to continue to discover myself as I guess that is the foundation of a prosperous life.To know myself in the best way possible and to enjoy myself at any given minute.

Happy Nowruz and happy spring to all of us!

Here is a picture of our Haftseen and a cute video for Nowruz!



3 thoughts on “How did I adjust my goals on Nowruz?

  1. Hello Nogol,
    What a nice post. I have one comment: what if you did nothing to flee the stress, what if you embraced it and even seeked it? What’s meaningful is hardly ever found outside of stress.

    1. I totally agree Etienne that stress and anxiety are part of human emotions and that they cannot be eliminated from our lives but they have to controlled I think otherwise they overcome our experiences of joy, gratitude, success and ….. and above all they kill creativity. I am trying to separate the concept of motivation and momentum from pressure and stress to take action these days and I find it quite challenging!

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