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Do we deserve a pause?

There are many of us who are not used to reserve a space and a zone to think, to reflect, and to create. I am one of them. One the biggest challenges in the last couple of months was basically to do nothing but to concentrate on my surrounding and to listen to my inner voice. I had a goal and that was to find a passion you want to call it or a voice to wake me up, to boost my energy and to guide me to find new directions in terms of career. And since I am 100% a goal- oriented soul I tried my best to achieve my target by giving myself the required space to think and to observe as I didn’t have a choice. But I loved it, I loved the idea of being present, of feeling the nature, of capturing what I usually missed because my brain was constantly functioning.

However, I can see that there is a bit of shift in the last couple of weeks. Since I am closer to find my passion and maybe to define a new hobby/career, I am back to my old routine of constantly thinking and not pausing and not focusing and not giving myself the space and I find it dangerous. I find it really dangerous especially if it is ever going to be a business born out of this process. I have to learn to have breaks to enjoy my time, my surrounding, and my family. At the end of the day my whole purpose for this journey is to define a different lifestyle in which I keep the elements and habits of my life that I love such as family times, our gatherings, cooking habits, movie times and so on and only replace the 10 working hours with something  that I am passionate about.

But I have never thought of losing everything that I have gained so far to pursue one thing that I am missing. So I am reminding this to myself and everyone around me who is going through the phase change.
We all have to be aware of our goals and the  amazing new habits we are developing and we have to minimize the change in the areas we are already happy in. Obviously as a whole system, our lives will be affected by this major change but awareness and presence is required to keep us in the flow.


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