Personal Developement

What do people thank you for?

This is a very interesting topic and obviously a hard one to address at least in public from someone like me who usually finds it difficult to praise herself. But it is a good challenge. No matter where we are in the world and what we do in life I believe like so many others that we all have something unique to offer, Something which defines us and makes us a different human being.

I guess accepting this fact, my niche in life will be my passion for living, for helping others and for creating precious moments.
People usually thanks me for being beside them with a positive attitude and a heart full of love to share.

 To be honest with you I am really proud of this characteristic; However, in my daily job as a professional engineer I barely use this attitude and that kills me. Therefore, back to our basic topic I am searching for that career in life and that business which can fulfill this dream of being affective in this world.


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