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What is the definition of “Creativity” for you?

For the longest time I thought that being an engineer or working in an engineering firm is not considered a creative job. I thought that engineers, lawyers, bankers, doctors and so many other professionals are not involved with the element called “Creativity”  and since I always consider myself as someone who is so fond of arts, decoration, design and dance, I felt discouraged for my choice of study and career in my life.

The marketing and media in the past couple of years didn’t help me change this myth and perception either. I got to the point that at the beginning of my journey of career change all I wanted to do was to work for creative companies! but what is creativity and what is a creative job?

As Merriam Webster dictionary describes “Creativity is the ability to make new things or think of new ideas”. Simple but Not Easy!
In the last couple of years IT companies such as Google, marketing firms, design, game and communication industries have tried their best to win the potential talents’ hearts by somehow monopolizing the “Creativity” term for themselves. I have to mention though that they spent lots of money, time and effort to investigate the fundamentals to stimulate the creativity within the employees and they have defined new workplace politics from office design to employees food to teamwork activities and etc. which is truly valuable. But are all these changes in the workplace only limited to these industries?

As Daniel Pink describes we are in the Conceptual Age” meaning that creativity is overtaking the knowledge in this era but does that mean that industries that are knowledge and science based do not require creativity on their platforms?

I believe the answer is No. Those who build an engine for a jet are also intensely creative, a dentist who makes a flawless crown, a lawyer who thinks of all the possible details and all the alternatives to win the case; they are all creative. Therefore, if we simply refer to the definition of Creativity, we can confirm that as long as we are thinking of a new idea or a better way we are creating and if we accept this fact we have to consider the same amount (or even more) of investigation to find the tools in order to awaken the creativity within the minds of those who are perceived of less creative creatures because they have pursued a certain career in life.

If we accept this simple fact and we convey the studies in order to address the modern requirements for development and creativity of our employees and if we apply what we have learnt from our investigations in the workplace, we will be able to motivate our working force, attract new talents and perform to the fullest and finest.

At the end of the day we all believe that we need bridges to get out of our islands and communicate with others, and we need aluminum to build planes to fly far. So let’s be REAL!



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