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What have I learned from my last pottery class?

The new course of pottery has started last Monday. It is my third session of doing pottery and it is somehow expected to have a bit of flow with the basic principles. Last week was not as fun as expected. I still had some major technique issues and pieces were not what I have desired. Last night the class was different. First of all we have a store combined with the studio and they have just opened a very fun and cute café in it. I arrived there a bit early and I had an amazing soup while chit chatting with my classmates. I tend to take everything very seriously and sometimes the tendency is toward being stressful and boring. So my goal in the last couple of pottery classes was to learn the basics, to write down my mistakes, to watch videos on YouTube and so on. No chilling and enjoying and relaxing were planned from Dear Nogol for Nogol!

Last night it started differently and it definitely finished differently. There are a couple of challenging steps in throwing a pot; the first one is called centering. So basically you have to center the clay on the wheel to be able to work with it. Believe it or not this basic step can be the most challenging one.

Can you guess the No. 1 challenge in these steps? The clay doesn’t stay calm and balanced and it doesn’t obey you. You are supposed to add the pressure gradually to give the clay “the space to maneuver”. Can you believe that? The clay also needs space and the minute you push it more because you don’t know how to let it go it becomes more and more decentered and out of control.

Last night for the first time after 60 hours of pottery, I realized the meaning of “Give it space and follow it to where it goes” and everything went smoothly and perfectly. Listening to Nina Simon in the class and following the rhythm of my clay was something definitely worth remembering. When there is no comparison and stress, the hands are pushed gradually and it gives the mud the time it needs to reflect and not to react just like our minds. And Now I understand more and more why we need to give our minds the space and when we stress it out and push it, it blocks.

Things are falling into the place and that is fun to watch


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