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How much flexibility matters in life?

I started doing yoga when I was 19 and I have continued for couple of years before moving to Canada. Both of my best friends are engineers by education and yoga teachers by profession but I have rediscovered the yoga world again last year when my high school best friend (One of the yogis) moved to Canada and started to teach in Montreal. We always discuss the fact that the flexibility of body will lead to the flexibility of mind.

So that was one of the key elements for me to gain the flexibility I endeavor in my life.  I also started to do meditation to train my mind for the massive changes in the future; For it to be flexible enough so I can have a new mindset, new career, new life and manage all the ups and downs of the process. As a result of all these little baby steps my life style is changing a bit. I used to be someone running around with millions of tasks from family to shopping to party to work and so on, but in the last couple of months after calming my mind down to some extent, this little important limb doesn’t allow me to make myself busy that much anymore.

So I cannot handle 10 different things at the same time and to be honest with you I am totally ok with it as I have more time to think and to reflect and I guess this is exactly what I want to get from flexibility in my body. To be able to adapt itself to new ideas, to be able to think and to develop and to create.

But there are other factors for the mind to be flexible, to be clear and to have space. I guess the most important one is the work environment. It is the hours we spend during the day. Do they give us flexibility?? Mine doesn’t at all. I am working in a small company so the benefits are the minimum you can get. 2 days of sick days per year plus 10 days of vacation including Christmas. So I guess my struggle to be flexible and to learn and to give myself some space and to travel is ruined by this stupid work schedule. Moreover, it is not an environment to invite you for expressing yourself or talking to others. ZERO!! Having your lunch at your desk, no fun or productive conversation and working for 12 hours per day is what is preached as the culture by the owners of the company!

I always knew in the last couple of months that I feel imprisoned and I cannot breathe in this company but now I know more than ever the reasoning behind it. Because with all the flexibility I am creating for myself body wise and mind wise I don’t have the SPACE to think, to learn and to reflect and that is really sad, and it is even worse when I think that I am not the only one in this world passing my days like this.


Ok, time to go to space!


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