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How to create space for creativity?

Well, I am confused, I am tired and I am overwhelmed. I have 10 different activities going on at the same time some in contradiction to others and in between I have to give myself space for creativity. One thing that I have never learned nor developed in my life is “to do nothing”. Basically to sit somewhere with no pressure, no negative thought and be simply present. That is why I have started to meditate to be more concentrated and besides I have started to deal with my negative thoughts so when I am present I don’t handle 5 conversations with myself at the same time 😉
But I am not there yet. I am getting better for sure but I have a long way to go. On the other hand, to find my passion, my future career, and my purpose which I am really excited to discover I need to create space for myself to think and reflect with no agenda and plan. But I don’t know HOW?

One more issue is that I live in Montreal and it is cold here so the idea of going in the woods or by the beach and looking at the sunrise as part of the personal time is impossible. I know though that it is not necessary for the process but for a beginner like me in the art of relaxing it is essential! Because my level of distraction is 100 out of 100!

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 Anyway, I think I am facing a challenging and busy week.



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