Did you enjoy your weekend?

What a difference it makes when you are energetic and happy because of the energy you have gained from your days off. When you have a balance of meeting friends, spending time with your loved ones and dedicating time for yourself.
As if the balance in having fun is somehow transferring to the week which is about to start.
I have to be honest though and mention that I don’t like my job and I have this anxiety almost every Sunday night before finishing the day, however waking up on Monday morning and reviewing my weekend with a nice smile on my face gives me the boost to start the week. I am somehow getting used to the double life of doing my day job and working on my side projects at the same time. I try my best to focus on each and dedicate enough time to finish my tasks at work but it is sad to see that I am not motivated to take any further steps regarding my day job. I am just being the robot trying to deliver with a high quality but my soul is not there at all and that is unfortunate.

I hope I can gain the same energy I get from my weekends from my day job and activities one day in the near future!


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