How to nourish the eyes, the ears and the mind?

What a night we had with my husband last night. We went to Montreal Opera House (OSM) to watch Metropolis silent movie while listening to a live improvised organ pipes play by a French master.
What a masterpiece….
I have heard of this movie so many times and I have watched it partially in different occasions but I have never seen the whole two hours. So watching the masterpiece with all the visual effects, and the vision of the future blew my mind. I am sure the sound of the organ pipes and the mesmerizing music on the scenes helped the experience to be remembered forever.
It was quite interesting that although the movie has been made 90 years ago, the concerns, and the questions are somehow still valid. The generation who sensed the essence of machines in their lives for the first time and whose social lives have been most affected by the new era of technology was as concerned as us who are deep down in the ages of data and robots. The need for machines, and for industries which use your lives and sweats and bloods to function and to help the nations.
The beautiful concept of hand and mind which shall be filled with heart and to this date it is not. The cooperates and employees who have a strong disbelief in each other however they work for each other and they need each other.
It is quite interesting that the problems exist and only their forms have been changed.

Metropolis is the story of all the megacities with their mega industries and their mega people in twenty first century envisioned by some 100 years back.




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