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Why everything has to be summarized?

I have been following a trend in the last couple of years. The trend of lists, the trend of bullet points and summarized information. The trend of learning everything on surface and with no depth at all.
Are these questions sound familiar to you?
1) 10 things happy people do
2) 5 key activities to keep yourself fit
3) 15 ways businessmen do business
4) 10 behaviours to show you have depression and so on.
We are somehow wired to open an article or to read an email with the key points summarized in a certain way, so we can skip the details and still get the headlines and the core message.
I am actually so dependent on this new technique that if I find an article with no bold headers, numbers or bullets I find it very difficult to follow.
But how has this info been transferred 10 years ago, 20 years ago? When the man first travelled to the moon, when there was a revolution in any science from aviation to architecture, to computer and etc.?  How did people teach others what needed to be innovated, invented and created?

The researchers still have to do a research for several years to find a clue, the nature hasn’t changed in responding to our needs, we are still struggling to find a cure for cancer and we still find the traditional ways of doing things the most affective ones in so many different sectors. So why are the communication tools becoming less and less fundamental and profound?
Are we training a generation who knows everything and nothing?
A generation whose city, whose profession, whose country, whose weight, whose body, whose judgement is being compared to others every single day in a list published by one of the top magazines of all times? Is your city among the most livable ones? Is your university among the best ones? Is your profession among the top salary ones?
And then to help this generation we create some short cuts and lists so that they can address their needs in no time?

Where are we heading to? I don’t know!


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