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How to assess your strengths?

The last time I thought about my strengths was five years ago when I wanted to apply for my first job. There were some typical terms such as communication skills, leadership skills, precision, a good team player and so on which I believe almost all the candidates use.
Although I was applying for engineering job my answer to “where do you see yourself in five years?” was always towards the managerial positions. As I am the hardest critic of myself I always thought that management is now a fashionable profession and that is why I am dragged into it.
5 years have passed, at some point in the last 5 years I did some coordination, project controls or even leadership but always under my engineering title. I was not lucky enough as the first company in where I was working and making the progress closed all its offices in Canada and we didn’t have a choice except leaving. Anyway the dream of becoming a leader never happened and I devastated than ever tried to find the one career which described me the most.
I started to write down what interested me and it varied from coaching, entrepreneurship to importing and selling Iranian handcrafts  or a start-up and so on.
As there were so many different options I started to move back a bit to listen to my inner voice by learning more about myself to be able to choose between all these various options.

Along the way a couple of days ago I have been introduced to Strength Finder 2.0 with an amazing application and friendly website to assess your strengths. I recommend everyone to take the test and just learn about the strengths that you possess. Now I know more than ever that whatever I enjoy doing, whatever I want to pursue as my future career, whatever I have which people thank me for are all because of my top 5 strengths. I am living aligned with all my strengths out of work environment, however at work I am using none of my strengths and that is the reason why I feel this miserable.

I am more determined than ever now to follow not only my passion but build a career based on my strengths and not weaknesses.


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