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Are you ready to own a business?

I have had the idea of having my own business for  a couple of years now. After working for 5 years for different engineering firms mainly in mining industry I am more determined to give myself the chance to try this adventure.
Do you know the people who want to do something and boom the next day they are done? I am also like that in different fields but  I thought this great shift deserves loads of knowledge, research and patience. Along the way I realized that I have to know myself first deeply and throughly in order to be able to apply my strengths and my interests in my future career and this process may take some time but now I think it is longer than expected.

I thought today for the first time that I might want it to take this long to give the satisfaction of basically doing something positive towards my goal without making a major change.

Today after almost 4 months of starting my journey I participated in the first entrepreneurship workshop which was held in an NGO where I know from the days I was searching for an engineering job.
The experience of entering the same place but for a different reason was quite interesting. There was a huge difference between updating your CV and learning the human resources interview questions than learning the basics of launching a business.
The major difference is that I am a much more confused person now than 5 years ago as a new graduate. I am trying to embrace the feeling of being a beginner with an open mind but today I realized that I have to do A LOT besides knowing myself. At the same time I am trying to remind myself that I have to give it enough time to be developed wisely and authentically rather than jumping again into anything that comes along.
Today for the first time I have put the whole plan into a perspective and now the idea and the fairy tale of  owning a business is changed into an action plan.

Super exciting and super scary!



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