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Are you aware of your core values in life?

The time has arrived. I have to finally face the reality and meet myself. The real me that is hidden under so many different layers added to me by the family, by the education, by the career and by the society.
It seems as tough the first step to know your true self and your true passion is to remind yourself of your values. I have doubts that at this stage we can establish new values but I guess we can at least prioritize them and act acoording to them. My assignment is not only to recognize the good values but also the bad ones, the ones that I believe play a more important role in our destiny. The ones like fear, like jealousy, like loss and so on….
From last night I am anxious as there are some buldozzers parked outside my fence and want to demolish the whole me and rebuild the new one. I know nothing new is being added to the list but I guess facing the old files and old me after years of ignorance is quite challenging. I am OK with the anxiety and I am Ok with the profound thinking process to finally remove the dirts and reveal the reality. What I guess I am most scared of is having contradictions and conflicts among the core values and I am also scared of choosing; choosing one over the other and stick to it forever.

'I'd like you to check my core values.'

But I guess there is no way out. I have to go through it!


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