Personal Developement

Do you keep your promises?

I have a lot to confess today. After couple of days I am finally back to write my mind. I was sick during the holidays and I realized that when my mood is not good I don’t want to write and probably complain so I concluded that I still censor myself while posting on my blog! Interesting!

Second important discovery is that by posting ideas here I feel somehow satisfied to the point that I don’t oblige myself to stay committed to the same principles I talk about here. For instance exactly after my post regarding daily distractions I started to surf on the internet more often to the extent that I was back to my old awful routine of checking my cellphone before the bed time!

I guess we all get lost in making our new routines but the key is not to lose the fight and the motivation and more important the reasoning behind all these little actions that have been started to pursue a dream, a big dream that defines us.

In order to be a bit more disciplined I banned myself from internet surfing for 2 days basically before the new year excluding my blog and important emails. I am hoping by Friday, the first day of 2016 my dependence to these little devices is in a more controlled zone.


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