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How can we maintain discipline in our daily, professional and creative lives?

I am somehow starting to believe that the key word is Discipline. I guess all the successful people in any business or simply in life have discipline. Successful artists more than others. I recommend you all to read Apartamento magazine. It interviews with all the creative icons out there in different fields and I can track discipline down in all their lives. From a hippy in Ibiza in the 70’s to photographers in New York, to collectors in Miami and to artists in Zurich.

We have to be able to manage our time and our lives in the best way possible, from our homes to our surroundings, from when to have fun, who to meet, what to do to what to learn and so on. There are so many materials to read, so much music to listen to, so many movies to watch, so many activities in town, our families, our friends, and if you are  like me having a daily job which you hate and you have an extra important task of finding your passion you have all the tasks above besides cleaning, cooking and exercise to complete in five to six hours on a daily basis.

To be honest with you it is impossible. To manage all within short amount of time! yet you read the stories of all the successful people out there (not the artificial successful but the real ones) and you realize that they have quite busy routines with no problems or hiccups. How? What are the tools they have that we don’t?

So back to the point they are really focused and concentrated and have discipline to follow their priorities I guess, plus that they have somehow established a routine including all the activities they like through the time. But another important thing is that they have a great motivation for what they do as well. Keeping momentum when you have various vague areas in your life is quite a challenge. I usually plan my day but I find it very hard to follow step by step and to have fun and spend time with family at the same time. The reason might be that I have some issues with time notions, I don’t know.

Keeping the motivation high while we have to be focused and concentrated and have discipline is really hard. But I guess we have to consider the fact that we are new to this routine of being this much efficient to be able to make the drastic change in our lives. So I hope for more organic and natural days after sometime.


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