Are you searching for amazing vibes in your surrounding?

I have been quite conscious about the small businesses in the last couple of months. Mind you that I have always loved the idea of entering a restaurant, a bar or a store and getting the amazing vibe of the employees and the atmosphere. In addition, I always put quite an effort to bring the energy, and love to my home and my gatherings.

But recently by reading books and listening to different entrepreneurial videos I can better visualize the time, the effort, and the money  which have been spent to create these systems of constantly making you feel good and taken care of.

Last night I experienced that feeling again and to be honest with you I envied the team. My husband and I participated in an opening of a new tapas bar close to our hood in Montreal and we both felt overwhelmed by the energy among the employees, the managers and the owner who have been probably working really hard days and nights waiting for this amazing day when their project is finally launched. Can you believe how rewarding it is to be in their shoes? When the place is jam packed with all the clients laughing, chitchatting and having fun?

Some of the places in Montreal which always make me happy when I go to are:

V de V (Home interior)

M0851 (Local leather products)

Mandy’s (Salad bar)

La Buvette chez Simone (Tapas bar)

So I am having this inner voice that keeps asking me this question that if I love details, decoration, food and people, why I am not among the ones who create amazing atmospheres and vibes? The answer is I don’t know!


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