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Are you addicted to distraction?

It is really interesting that exactly  a couple of hours after writing my post on key points such as focus and concentration to become calm, relaxed, creative, productive and successful I have encountered this amazing article in New York Times about internet, focus and distraction.

New York Times – Addicted to Distraction

This article has been exactly the story of my life for the last couple of months. I have been trying my best to take care of myself by eating well, exercising, introducing new hobbies like pottery classes  to my life with this hope that I will find the promised balance in my 8-5 routine.

One of the activities that I believed was being repeated in my life like a loop and wanted to cut the most was internet surfing. But exactly as described in the f article I failed. I did my best to find something interesting and informative enough to convince myself that if I am spending my time in front of the  little device called SMART phone I am not becoming STUPID.

So I thought that dedicating time to read about different subjects on the internet is much better than spending time checking Facebook and Instagram. But it is not, as long as the mind is jumping from one subject to another and cannot focus and concentrate, the exercise is a failure.

I am still working on my distraction addiction, but at least I am aware of it which is a key step in solving it and I also realize that there are so many other people on the same boat with me. It is definitely one of the diseases of 21st century.

I believe that reading books with determined deadlines can be a good starting point to bring back the focus and concentration on one subject for a certain amount of time and I have already been successful reading my first book after long long time!


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